The name »Raster« is originally a printing term denoting a screen or lattice used in the reproduction of pictures.

Raster Förlag was founded in 1986 and has primarily published books on art, architecture, design and photography. We strive to ensure the highest standards of content and design in our publications. The reproduction of pictures is of especial importance to us since our books communicate principally through illustrations. A number of our books have been given the accolade of being included among the twenty-five volumes which Svensk Bokkonst selects annually as being particularly well produced.

A major part of our publications consist of large, illustrated volumes, often in two languages, produced in collaboration with museums, institutions or companies. Among our collaborators we may mention Sweden's Royal College of Art, Stockholm University, Moderna Museeet, the Royal Library, Ericsson, SCA and the Dance Museum. We have also been commissioned to produce catalogues for museums outside Sweden, for example the Swedish Cultural Institute in Paris and Lenbachhaus in Munich.

Books with parallel English and Swedish texts:
A Love of Glass
Axel von Fersen (Swedish, English, German and French)
Irving Penn
Johan Scott
Modern Museum and Swedish Museum of Architecture in Stockholm
Ann Edholm

English only:
Långban. The mines, their minerals, geology and explorers
Ten Swedish Designers-Printed Patterns