Ten Swedish Designers-Printed Patterns 
Translations William Jewson and John Skinner 

Written by Kerstin Wickman
Book design Lars E. Pettersson
Size 210x275 mm. 160 pp. 230 colour plates
ISBN 91-87215-08X
Ca-pris 380 kr. Vårt pris, fraktfritt inom Sverige, 300 kr.


Boken är slutsåld i bokhandeln. Ett litet antal finns kvar på förlaget.

This is an English translation of the book 10-gruppen Mönstertryck.

The book contains 72 full page patterns, interviews with the 10 members of the group and an essay by Kerstin Wickman, telling the history of the group from the start 30 years ago and placing them in an international and Swedish perspective.

- We are so different. That has kept us together. We have complemented each other. Everyone has done what she or he is good at. We have never speculated about taste.

Ten Swedish Designers have done what they believe in and thought was best:

- Followed their designs through the production process to the user.
- Spread good Swedish design through industrial production.
- Influenced homes and public buildings in an unpretentious and creative manner.
- Demonstrated the importance of colour.
- Showed how one can create a more stimulating environment with simple means and without vast expenditure.